Our product is proudly made and tuned in Malaysia

F Tuned Racing Suspension

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Coilovers/Adjustables, Pillow ball top mounts, spherical bearing bushes and coil springs. Current dampers are Monotube or Monoshock. And our special feature is the Inverted Monotube...



1. Monotube Inverted Design - As seen on High Specification and Expensive Adjustable coilovers 
For our INVERTED Monotube design, Fixed damping (Hi lo) and Adjustable Damping (Hi lo soft hard).

Inverted design features: Able to withstand large amount of side load during cornering. Piston rod encased, so less damage from dirt and dust. Inverted monotube design is only for Macpherson Strut Suspension system.



Current spec available:

Road-Touge, Road-Track, Race-Comp, Special (Custom)Tuned

* All our product carries 2 years warranty against damper leakage and jamming


2. Non inverted monotube
NON-INVERTED Monotube (Fixed Damping Hi-Lo and Adjustable Damping Hi-Lo Soft Hard) is tuned for the best Ride & Handling for your car...damper tuning based on our Inverted Monotube.

Specification available:  Hi-lo and Hi lo Soft Hard
Road-Touge, Road-Track, Race-Comp, Special (Custom) Tuned.

* All our product carries 2 years warranty against damper leakage and jamming


Non Inverted type suspension on double wishbone Honda.


Our Specification

3. Pillow Ball Adjustable Top Mounts

Why F Tuned Racing Suspension?

1. Tuning

  • Damper Tuning based on experience gain while at Proton Ride & Handling Team (R&D), working on projects with Lotus Ride & Handling Engineers, and involvement in motorsports since 1999

2. Manufacturer

  • Our suspension components/parts are manufactured by factories and engineering shops. The final product is assembled by our trained technician and inspected prior to delivery.

3. Customer Oriented services

  • We try our best to suit customer's needs and driving preferences
  • Multiple specification available on each car model to suit different driving style and budget...Road-Touge, Road-Track, Competition/Race, Pre-Tuned Spec, Adjustable Damping Spec and Special Tuned Spec
  • F Tuned Racing staffs will assist customers or dealers on car set up according to the correct vehicle dynamics if requested
  • Custom design & tune for cars not in our product line-up

4. Dealer support

  • Technician will assist dealers on product problems
  • Technician will assist new dealers in correct set-up and installation procedure

5. Technology & Innovation

  • F Tuned Racing continues on improving the suspension products by researching new technologies & manufacturing high quality products

6. Damper features

  • Inverted monotube on strut type cars allow the damper body to withstand additional lateral forces/cornering side load
  • Monotube on wishbone type cars and rear of most cars as seen on many high performance coilovers and adjustables
  • Double protection on rust prevention. Strut body is electro-plated then epoxy powder coated to achieve to achieve total protection against harsh road condition. Additional baking is being performed to ensure the epoxy powder to be correctly melted onto the surface
  • High grade internal construction. The internal construction of the suspension utilizes the high grade special material found in leading brand of suspensions like Ohlins of Sweden, Bilstein of Germany and Tein of Japan.
  • Threading type ride height adjustment. Ride height adjustment thread is being electro plated to ensure smooth adjustment anytime.
  • Spring seat and seat lock are being made from aircraft grade aluminium
  • OEM Grade brackets (Model Dependent) & No special modification required to fit suspension onto the car.
  • 2 years warranty and fully serviceable. Each piece of this suspension went through QC inspection conforming to ISO 9001
  • All suspension carries 2 years warranty against manufacturing defect of jamming and oil leaking
  • Proudly Made and Tuned in Malaysia

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