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Damper Service & Repair

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Besides our product...we also do servicing and repairing other dampers...

Servicing inclusive of changing damper oil, new oil seals & o-rings, cleaning internal valving (disc,disc s, retainer, piston, base valve, etc), gas-charged, and clean external damper body. Free adjust/tuning of soft-hard adjuster upon installation on the car. Install and removal of adjustables/coilovers from the car are charged separately. We can also replace worn out bush to PU or Teflon Silent Block bush.

Revalve/damper re-tuning is inclusive of the servicing work (as above). If the customer requested the car to be tuned, we will tune the damper to match with the customer's car suspension components. And w
e prefer the car to be tested by our Ride & Handling Engineer or Technician.


The servicing and revalving work are done in a clean environment to ensure the internal components work at optimum performance.















Click on the above image to know more about Service, Repair and Revalve via our Facebook page photo album.

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