Our product is proudly made and tuned in Malaysia

Damper Internal Re-Tuning & Revalve

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From years of Suspension Development work with Lotus Engineers, our tuner is well versed in damper tuning. In some places, damper tuning is called Revalve...

We do damper tuning on our product either during product development and also custom tuning work. The tuning follows closely on Ride & Handling aspects. We also tune as per customer requirements. We do road car tuning for comfort and also performance car tuning for improved handling. However, all our tuning must have the balance of Ride, Steering and Handling.

All our revalve work includes service works. And we tune our products and also other aftermarket dampers ranging from local made brands to well known brands like Ohlins, Aragosta, Buddy Club, Tein, and others...

Last Updated ( Sunday, 02 February 2014 13:59 )