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Suspension Development

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Our Suspension Development covers all chassis and suspension components, inclusive of geometry set-up using the fundamentals of vehicle dynamics. However, the core of the development is our Coilovers and Dampers. Other products in development includes Tyres, Anti-roll bars, Bushes, Steering rack, Suspension Linkages, Chassis Bars, Pillow ball top mounts, Rose Joint lower arms, sub-frame collars, Roll centre adjusters and not forgetting, bumpstops. We tune all of this components to get the best Ride & Handling for your car...
"We Tuned For Perfection"

F Tuned Racing Suspension Coilovers and dampers using Monotube & Inverted Monotube design:

- Good heat dissipation – cooler operation
- Higher Pressure Nitrogen gas charged
- Oil and gas separated – reduce foaming,valve operate more responsive & no performance fade, no foaming
- High durability - Able to take more punishment than twintube
- High cost to manufacture – parts need to be machined with precision
- Can be tuned for very high damping
- Larger piston to dissipate more oil on a given stroke

Inverted Monotube...
- All Monotube characteristic above
- Can be mounted upside down (vertical) and lateral
- Able to counter side load – improves handling and less damage to piston-oil seal, reduced oil leaks (Inverted)
- Shaft encased – reduce the chance for dirt and dust to accumulate (Inverted)
- Suitable for high performance and racing application (Inverted)
Comparison with Twintube design:
- Poor heat dissipation - fade as temperature build up
- Lower pressure Nitrogen gas charged
- Oil and gas mixed – can produce foaming
- Low durability – easily damage on hard impact if low quality oil seal is used
- Low cost to manufacture – parts don’t need high precision
- Low damping – high damping not recommended and may cause leaks
- Suitable for standard factory car, low-performance application and mild race used
Top Mounts
We also developed our own Pillow Ball Adjustable Top Mount and also Pillow ball mount for double wishbone and mulitilink suspension system.
We developed our suspension in house.

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