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Comfort Lowering Springs

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F Tuned Comfort Lowering Springs (F Tuned CLS)

In 2015 we had developed sports spring for Proton Iriz based on the demand at that time. Based on the development done after Iriz W2020. The main focus for our sports spring is to maintain a reasonable comfort level with a lowered stance for the vehicle. Now we had expanded the list of vehicles for our sports springs....

Among the vehicle models includes cars manufactured by Perodua, Proton, Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Mazda and a lot more. Contact us  or our authorized dealers for the vehicle model that you are using.

Why choose F Tuned Comfort Lowering Spring?

1. To maintain reasonable comfort level with a lowered stance for the vehicle

2. Sporty look

3. Affordable price

4. Each spring engineered for comfort performance

5. Designed and manufactured to be strong and durable.

A First Step in Handling Experience!




















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