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About Us

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F Tuned Racing was formed in 2009, our company at that time markets aftermarket suspension products and services/repairs aftermarket coilovers/adjustables. And, based on our background, we are specialized in Ride & Handling and Suspension (Chassis) Development. In 2012, we developed and tuned our own Coilovers & Dampers, the F Tuned Racing Suspension. We, as producer of aftermarket products, can produce our products at low volume handmade assembly at our Tech Centre as well as in mass production at our JV factories. We also do Custom Design and Custom Tuning. We have a network of authorized dealers throughout the country that markets our products, covering Klang Valley, Northern, East Coast, Southern region and East Malaysia.


Our Mission

To be the leading Automotive Engineering Company focusing on Suspension System in Malaysia enhancing the motorsport scene by making a positive shift in the industry and society.



The founder of the company, Wan Ahmad Farouk Shah, was a Ride & Handling Engineer (Group Leader) at Proton Research & Development, Chassis Engineering Section, Ride & Handling Unit and involved in various suspension development projects with Proton Engineers & Lotus Engineers. Trained by Lotus Engineering Engineers on Suspension & Chassis Development, Damper/Shock Absorber tuning and Advanced Driving Techniques. Last position at Proton, was the Group Leader for Ride & Handling team of Engineers and Technicians from 1999-2005. In Motorsports and Professional Driving, Mr. Farouk is a race driver and Instructor for Proton R&D Test Drivers. Participated in several race events, santioned and unsantioned races since 1996, including the Merdeka Millennium Endurance from the 1st MME in 2000 till the 4th MME in 2004 as race drivers and 2005 as Race Manager for a winning team. Out of passion, F Tuned Racing was formed...


The experience and project involvement as follows:


  • Satria Neo Ride & Handling Development (Proton Berhad)
  • Perdana V6 Ride & Handling Development (Proton Berhad)
  • Juara Ride & Handling Development (Proton Berhad)
  • Waja 1.6 Ride & Handling Development (Proton Berhad)
  • Waja 1.8 Ride & Handling Development (Proton Berhad)
  • Wira Enhancement Project (Proton Berhad)
  • Satria Enhancement Project (Proton Berhad)
  • ALL cars suspension development projects from 1999-2005 including VVIP cars + special cars (Proton Berhad)

Testing & Approval (Proton Berhad):

  • Bridgestone Tyres Testing & Approval
  • Continental Tyres Testing & Approval
  • Sime Tyres Testing & Approval
  • Silverstone Tyres Testing & Approval
  • Sapura-Leda Testing & Approval
  • Arena Development, Testing & Approval
  • Savvy Development, Testing & Approval


  • Module for Proton (H&T) Test Drivers Training Program & Instructor
  • Lead Driver for F1 Fast Intervention Vehicle - Waja/EO1 Petronas Engine during F1 Race at Sepang (5 FIV vehicles team)
  • Race Driver for Proton H&T Department,R&D

  • Race Driver for Sapura-Leda Suspension - MME 2004
  • Proton - Iran Wira suspension improvement task
  • Proton - Syria Waja suspension improvement task
  • Proton competitors cars Benchmarking
  • Media Test Drives on newly developed cars






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